To understand fighting we need to understand the human body ( the language of the body) To do this we need to have a good mind. To be aware of something is not enough, we need to understand it. If we don't understand we can't believe, if we don't believe we have nothing. TCFS is a method of self development and personal growth that uses Martial Arts as a vehicle.

In a fight, movement is power. You cannot stand around and wait for your attackers next strike; moving and instinctual reactions are very important. TCFS classes will help develop your reflexes and will help you gain a fighters reflex, which will allow you to move quickly and strategically in such a situation. You will know where to step and how to defend yourself against an attacker or attackers.



TCFS is a reality based martial art.

Our instructors receive the highest quality in training and teaching. TCFS already has Instructors in Rotterdam and USA More and more people are interested in this form of martial arts founded in Glasgow Scotland.

We are looking for quality Instructors and free thinking people to join our ever expanding family.

We will take you though each phases of the belt syllabus with expert advice and knowledge.
Little information about the online training,

The course is the first 4 belts of Hybrid TCFS.

White Belt
Yellow Belt
Orange Belt
Green Belt

You'll be take through each belt step by step and will also receive free Videos of Hybrid techniques every month.

This instructor package can be used for personal growth or teaching.

For more information, please call:

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